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Tank Sizes & Installation

Aboveground or underground—our trained specialists will help you decide the best location for your tank.

Aboveground Tanks

Aboveground tanks are built to last harsh winters, sweltering summers and extreme natural elements.

24 Gallon Propane Tank

  • Fuels ovens, ranges and clothes dryers
  • 43” high and 24” in diameter
  • Holds 24 gallons of propane

56 Gallon Propane Tank

  • Fuels ovens, ranges and clothes dryers
  • 43” high and 24” in diameter
  • Holds 48 gallons of propane

120 Gallon Propane Tank

  • Fuels hot water heaters, space heaters and pool heaters
  • 54.4” high and 30” in diameter
  • Holds 100 gallons of propane

250 Gallon Propane Tank

  • Fuels generators, pool heaters, and a combination of appliances
  • 7’ 10” long and 30” in diameter 
  • Holds 200 gallons of propane

500 Gallon Propane Tank

  • Fuels central heating and pool heaters
  • 9’ 11” long and 37.5” in diameter  
  • Holds 400 gallons of propane

1000 Gallon Propane Tank

  • Fuels large homes and used for commercial applications
  • 16' 2" long and 41" in diameter
  • Holds 850 gallons of propane

Underground Tanks

Our discrete, environmentally friendly underground tanks are painted with a special coating that prevents corrosion and lasts for years. 500 and1000 gallon tanks available.

Tank Installation

A professional staff member will meet you on site to discuss details. We will excavate, trench the fuel lines and perform tank installation for underground tanks used for heat, pool heaters or generators.


Tank Size Needed

  • By determining the size of the house
  • How much propane you will use
  • What is your driveway conditions in the winter

Prepare the Site

  • Tank will either be set on concrete pad or concrete or blocks
  • We will supply the blocks once the pad is ready

Installation Process

  • We bring a truck large enough to set the propane tank that will best fit your needs.

We follow all local, state and national codes. Tanks are in stock and available at any time, so call today.

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