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Why Propane?

Propane offers consumers the warmth and efficiency of gas energy beyond the natural gas mains.  No matter where you choose to live, you can count on this dependable, portable energy source to meet your utility needs.

Propane Facts

  • Did you know propane produces 50% less greenhouse gases at a much lower cost than electricity? It’s a win for the environment and your wallet!
  • Propane is clean, safe and efficient
  • We have thousands of homeowners, businesses and farms who love the flexibility and cost savings of propane.
  • At Nolan Propane, Propane is all we do. We take pride and dedicate ourselves 100%  on all areas of our business for over 3 generations.
  • We are one of the largest family owned companies in the area.

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Propane Safety

It's important that you follow propane safety best practices and use caution when handling tanks, fuel lines, appliances and generators to ensure safety.

Never run out

We offer WESROC Tank monitoring system to our customers. These monitors mount directly on the tank and we receive daily reports from the satellite system with your propane level. Never run out of propane again.

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