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Just had a great experience with Nolan. Our AC stopped working. I called in on Sunday and got a call back on Monday morning. We were surprised to hear that they would send someone here that day.The problem was diagnosed and taken care of by Pat D. It required a return visit which was taken care of on Tuesday morning. Thanks, Nolan Propane for a job well done.
Catherine Conner
Catherine C.
23:30 09 Jul 24
Great company and excellent service. Been with them for five years and very satisfied.
Linda Mumby
Linda M.
15:37 18 Jun 24
EDIT: Nolan propane is still amazing ! Always kind !!! It’s a pleasure to work with them.Great company, amazing staff ! They helped me last min with a propane delivery. They are always friendly when I call and Very professional. I appreciate you guys so much ! Thank you.
Jen Natalia
Jen N.
18:25 16 Apr 24
These people are awesome! Very professional, courteous. We needed a propane delivery, we were told we would be getting propane within 24 hours, and a couple hours later, we look out the window and they were here already! Very fast!
Jacquelyn D'Alessandro
Jacquelyn D.
15:37 01 Mar 24
Thank God above for Nolan Propane! We had been under the oppressive sadistic thumb of Amerigas :( suffice it to say they had let us run out of gas numerous times in the middle of the freezing temperatures! Finally we had had enough of hovering around a portable heater and called Nolan. John called us back almost immediately!! (How warm he was -pun intended ;) The very next day they were at our house! That was 3 yrs ago, and they have never let us down once! They always come well before we run out out gas. We never have to worry that they wont show up. It's a local business, not a nationwide chain with call centers in India...Their prices are more than fair, and service is top notch! Highly recommend them!
Kristin Suzanne
Kristin S.
21:42 26 Feb 24
Right before Christmas my furnace stopped working and within 45 minutes he was at my house fixing it . Thank You Matt Nolan for your help. Great guy !
debbie Elsasser
debbie E.
13:32 23 Dec 23
I was driving around with 3 empty tanks till I found the time to get them filled. Saw their sign for 14.99 20g tank. I hit the breaks and stopped in. The rest is history. Not sure if the price is still that low, but hey stop in and find out for your self .
Michael P. Prisco, Jr.
Michael P. Prisco, J.
04:22 12 Sep 23
Never had a problem with Nolan.. Great Service and a wonderful team to work with.
Susan James
Susan J.
13:20 29 Jun 23
The best was out the next day came out did the work left and we had our new tank and propane . Highly recommend great people.
christopher lafontaine
christopher L.
11:57 21 Apr 23
Obviously, the cost of everything has risen this past year and can be overwhelming, including propane. I had an excellent experience with Robert Nolan Jr. working out a plan that was fair and calmed my nerves mid winter. My options were communicated well and I'm happy to be supporting a local family owned business. Five stars for Robert Nolan Jr and Nolan Propane!
Brie Dinsmore
Brie D.
14:08 24 Feb 23
I switched to Nolan after using a few different suppliers over the years- Nolan is simply the best. Easy to talk to, on time and consistent deliveries, knowledgeable service technicians, and honest business practices. Super happy with them and am happy my search for the right propane provider is over!
Chris Hopstock
Chris H.
23:47 24 Jan 23
I love this company! No BS, straight forward, great staff! Have used them for over 3yrs now and never have a problem!!
Jennie Flagler
Jennie F.
21:50 24 Jan 23
Easy to deal with and friendly. I received an invoice for repair from my tenant. It seemed a little high. Spoke with Gary. He worked with me and I was pleased with the outcome.
Zane Cheek
Zane C.
15:47 10 Jan 23
We recently changed over to propane and couldn't be happier. The company listens to your concerns and is knowledgeable with suggestions. Everyone I've dealt with there is very courteous. Highly recommended!
Jennifer Pindt Mosher
Jennifer Pindt M.
15:03 04 Dec 22
Huge thank you to Nolan Propane and Matthew Nolan for being honest, and truly caring about what's best for their customers. We love our new heater !! Matt went above and beyond to do what he felt was best for us. Thank you for everything !!!!
Le Aura Downes
Le Aura D.
19:53 29 Nov 22
I switched to Nolan from Paraco. The office staff is attentive, competent and friendly. The guys that work in the field? They are professional and beyond capable. You guys rock! I am so glad I made the switch
Ginny K.
Ginny K.
16:28 20 Jun 22
I had been having an ongoing drama with my other propane company about installing a whole house generator. They wanted me to have two huge tanks that were not needed and refused to trench the line. The price they quoted me was almost twice what Nolan quoted me and the trenching would have cost extra, if I could even find anyone to do it (they didn't even have someone to recommend). The electrical company doing the wiring recommended Nolan when they heard all this, and I am one happy camper they did! Nolan was here within a week, called me when they were at the house and I was at work. By the time I got home, it was all done. Paraco was giving me some song and dance about extra connectors and having to separate the tanks. They were also going to charge me $99 per tank per year, even though I had also had a propane stove, not so with Nolan. Nolan installed them where they should have been all along. They look better there and are sheltered. I am so pleased with their service. They will have me as a customer for a long time, and I have no problems highly recommending them to others.
17:38 17 Jun 22
These people are responsive, caring and go the extra mile to make sure you have the energy you need for the home.
Caleb Wistar
Caleb W.
23:53 08 Apr 22
Excellent quick service! Called the night service once I figured out my furnace was not igniting. I received a call back first thing in the morning letting me know someone would be out to take a look. Tech showed up mid-morning and had the unit running in no time. They were friendly and explained what they were doing to troubleshoot and how it was fixed.
Christopher Wolkowicz
Christopher W.
16:23 11 Mar 22
I called Nolan Propane on a Saturday night at around 7pm because we didn’t have any heat. Was 29 degrees and very windy outside and my 90 year old Mom is in the house, so we were very nervous about going through the night without heat. I got Nolan Propane’s answering service and they said they would have the tech on call reach out to me. I am not even a customer of Nolan’s and Greg called me back almost immediately after I hung up with the service. Greg spoke to my husband and figured out that we have a frozen regulator and told my husband what to do. Well it worked out perfectly! I will be calling Nolan propane tomorrow and become one of their customers.We were forced into a huge propane company after they bought out the local company we were with and you can’t even speak to anyone. Looking forward to becoming a customer of Nolan Propane!! We will be having a new heating system installed by them in the spring!! Thank you Greg!!
Carol Camporese
Carol C.
01:19 20 Feb 22
I have been a customer of Nolan Propane for many years.Whenever I had a difficulty Nolan Propane provided the best assistance..They make sure my furnace is running correctly.When I was looking to replace a gas appliance they advised me .When I traveled for work they made certain my tanks never ran out .If you are looking for a propane provider that respects and is loyal to their customers, and that you can rely on Nolan Propane is the company for you.
Sandor Strohmayer
Sandor S.
23:58 05 Nov 21
Live in the Stamford area. Had the same local RIP OFF service for years. Family owned & operated and had screwed me over too many times to count. My tank had become RUSTED OUT & was leaking propane. Owners son refused to replace & ran a bogus LEAK TEST to try & charge me for service call saying there was a LEAK in my HOUSE, no kidding. Switched to NOLAN, NEW TANK, LEAK TEST NEGATIVE so owners son was LYING like I KNEW HE WAS. OUTSTANDING SERVICE, came whenever I needed them to, even at night & weekends. To make sure I didn't run out when weather was running below zero. NO EXTRA EMERGENCY DELIVERY CHARGE OF $75 to come 6 miles to my house like my EX local THIEVES FUEL SERVICE. THESE FOLKS CARE!!!
Christine Andrews
Christine A.
15:00 27 Sep 21
Nolan as many have already said - answers the call and goes over and above. We personally thank Mat for coming to our rescue with a 14Kw Generac Generator for our radio station when our 11 year old generator failed after being put through, two straight weeks of service due to a service panel and wires being ripped off the commercial building we're in by a box truck, Community minded? You betcha.
Jay Fink
Jay F.
21:50 20 Sep 21
We just switched from heating oil to propaneThey came in removed the old unitAnd set up the propane.. it was no easy task being in the basement .. very professional and answered any questions I had..
Joe Anderson
Joe A.
12:57 27 May 21
Nolan is the best company!Fastest service! Best quality!Always with a smile!
Bluma Barhorin
Bluma B.
02:46 20 May 21
I am proud to say as one of the owners, I am proud to be part of this family owned business! We care about our customers and customer service is our number one priority!
Matt Nolan
Matt N.
01:37 27 Mar 21
Nolan has been a Godsend!! And we say that without hesitation or exaggeration! They literally saved us from a dire (miserably cold) situation. We contacted Nolan on Saturday afternoon, within 5 minutes John called us back (how nice to have a Local friendly guy to talk to), and within 12 hrs they were at our house, at 9 AM on a Sunday morning no less! Their pricing is more than fair, and again we cannot emphasize enough as to their Exemplary Service! Today we called the office to “officially set up our account,” and the staff was equally as friendly as John was. They seem to appreciate our business and genuinely care, like the way it used to be, old-school customer service, nothing better! We Highly Recommend them! Call them Now, you won’t be sorry!
Robert Scott
Robert S.
23:06 03 Mar 21
Wow! Putting to shame the large faceless provider we have sadly used for too long! Quick friendly installation. Professional on the phone and in person. Better prices. And a local/family business. So glad to have switched!
jennifer bull
jennifer B.
14:38 23 Feb 21
Susan P
Susan P
16:01 19 Feb 21
Literally never had a problem with Nolan.Dont pay attention to the bad reviews.Always hear good things about them.Been with them for years.Very professional with the best customer service.You call they are there period!-Alex.
Alex Miglucci
Alex M.
12:58 10 Feb 21
These folks went above and beyond.
Ingrid Benedetto
Ingrid B.
23:18 10 Jan 21
Hello...I just wanted to give a shout-out to you and your crew. I was a Nolan customer for a few years until I moved into my current home last year. At that point the house was set up with a competitor and I just stuck with them. For the last month and a half, I’ve run out of propane and have fought to get timely propane orders to no avail, this terrible service despite having a credit on my account for delivery. This morning I called you at 10:30 for new service, explained the situation and was not expecting any service to happen as we have a holiday weekend. Your guys just left my house 1/2 hour ago, my furnace is running, I’m drying clothes in the dryer again and the tanks were installed and filled with propane within 3 hours time. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I appreciate your speed and timelines, having heat again (sad a simple thing during the upstate NY winter should be so stressful) and the friendliness and professionalism shown by everyone I’ve spoken to today within the company. There’s a reason to stay with local companies and I plan on being a Nolan customer for many years to come. Again, thank you and my sincere wishes for a Happy New Year to all of you.
Amy Santandrea
Amy S.
19:44 31 Dec 20
Best service!Matt is the best!
S Bar Horin
S Bar H.
21:04 08 Dec 20
While I haven't been a customer for long, as Nolan is new to my area, their customer service is above outstanding. Everyone I have talked to or met so far has been friendly and helpful. I recommend them to everyone I know who uses propane.
Richard Martin
Richard M.
21:12 07 Dec 20
I have two houses that I heat with propane. I had another company for both and was not happy at all with the service or lack of. I called Nolan to ask about switching, but could only do one immediately because I had a credit with the other company that could only be gotten in propane. Nolan came and looked at both houses for tank placement, etc. Gave me a price, and switched the one house immediately. They showed up when they said, with what they needed and were professional and courteous. We are now with Nolan for the second year at the one house and have just switched the second house over to Nolan. The tank installation was done in 3 days from my first call, propane delivery was made the next day as promised. They are a very good company that knows what customer service is. I would highly recommend them for your propane needs.
J Baron
J B.
12:53 01 Dec 20
Higher than 5 star service. Nolan installed a new propane heating system in a very large house with challenging radiator placement and piping. Matt and his team were on time, courteous, patient, and skilled. They tackled this challenge and went above and beyond to locate cut pipes and reroute to ensure all radiators functioned properly. Once job completed my many questions were answered and I have no doubt service moving forward will be stellar. Thanks everyone!
Dot Tarr
Dot T.
23:18 05 Oct 20
Nolan propane is the high bar when it comes to customer care.READ MOREI had tanks and a heater installed for my above ground pool in 2017.They got me set up promptly and efficiently. The price doesn't even match the level of service. It was well under my expectations even after I made multiple calls asking all sorts of questions. I'm surprised they didn't ask me to call their competitor and bother them. They were exceptionally patient. It might help that I'm a funny guy and entertaining.Since we also have a solar cover and try to conserve gas, only this year have we required a refill. The grounds gets wet where the tanks are located. When the tanks started to lean, they came out right away and fixed them.It is a family business who treats their clients like friends and family. Mr. Nolan is like the grouchy uncle and Rob and Matt your favorite cousins. Just kidding Mr. Nolan is great. FOR THE RECORD WE ARE NOT RELATED, I DIDN'T KNOW THEM BEFORE CONTRACTING THEIR SERVICE AND I'VE NEVER BEEN INVITED FOR DINNER.Gary and the ladies (I apologize that names escape me) are delightful and only add to the welcomed feeling.For any service their timing is astoundingly faster than what they tell you. The old adage promise less and deliver more has served this humble family well. I made a call that something was working and Matt wasn't certain they'd get their until the next day. I told him no rush. Well I am inept, but my wife diagnosed the issue and was going to fix it later in the day. However I thought I'd wait to make sure she could do it before calling to cancel. Since John, the tech who lives a half hour in the other direction had Friday off, he took it upon himself to come that very day showing unexpectedly. Even after it was something my wife could have fixed he stayed until the pool was back in action. I think he took pity on me for being a moron and my wife for being married to me. I won't reveal the price on the invoice for an hour service call, but trust me it was beyond kind. I should have them for dinner but I can't fit everyone in my house. I would like to highly recommend them, but I'm afraid they like the other customers more. They are solid since the year I was born. Even though they don't need me for a client, they keep me, and I can't figure out why?
Anthony J. Commisso Sr.
Anthony J. Commisso S.
20:44 19 Jul 20

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