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Nolan Propane is proud to offer you a wide array of benefits, including: dedicated local employees, automatic delivery, flexible payment plans, 

Propane for your business including 24/7 emergency call center, certified technician training, and world-class safety.

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Prompt professional service. I highly recommend Nolan Propane. I cannot say enough about their service. Lifesavers for my family.
Tracey Adams
Tracey A.
12:40 01 Feb 20
I have two houses that I heat with propane. I had another company for both and was not happy at all with the service or lack of. I called Nolan to ask about switching, but could only do one immediately because I had a credit with the other company that could only be gotten in propane. Nolan came and looked at both houses for tank placement, etc. Gave me a price, and switched the one house immediately. They showed up when they said, with what they needed and were professional and courteous. We are now with Nolan for the second year at the one house and have just switched the second house over to Nolan. The tank installation was done in 3 days from my , the first call, propane delivery was made the next day as promised. They are a very good company that knows what customer service is. I would highly recommend them for your propane needs.
Jim Baron
Jim B.
23:49 09 Dec 19
Very professional.
Allison Joralemon
Allison J.
23:24 15 Nov 19
amazing job to have
Mark Walker
Mark W.
18:55 04 Nov 19
Great work by Nolan. Needed a new expansion tank as my old one was leaking and they came in and realized that they didn't have all the parts needed. Were able to jerry rig a replacement in until they could come back and properly install it. Did a great job and had my family warm again in no time.
Ryan Osswald
Ryan O.
15:01 07 May 19
They recently installed a full propane system from hot water to heating. Everything works great, very efficient, quiet and the staff was very professional. Very very happy with Nolan Propane.
laurie pulver
laurie P.
14:58 07 May 19
Quite honestly, I can't say enough about Nolan Bottle Gas. We've used Nolan since moving here over 10 years ago, and have never found a reason to use any other for our propane. Robert Nolan and his staff are the best. Always there when we needed them and always more than fair. We've referred a number of friends to them and will continue to do so.
Mike Cohen
Mike C.
19:05 01 Mar 19
Thumbs up to Nolan Gas Inc for their satisfaction guarantee. I had called a few places for propane tank setup and propane, most of them never answered, scheduled out for weeks or took a day or two to respond. Felt like none of there companies were open for business. My attorney recommended Nolan Gas Inc to me and they were very responsive, on time, and kept their word all through the process, even going all out to meet a tight schedule. The price was fair and they delivered a quality service, I am forever grateful. I am rating this company because they are honest and can be trusted in terms of their service delivery. Thank you again A-1 for the great work you do.
Nii Nortey
Nii N.
15:26 04 Dec 18
Wicked fast semi-emergency response. Thanks Doug!
Fatima Abuzahrieh
Fatima A.
02:24 02 Oct 18
Never had a problem with Nolan.. Great Service and a wonderful team to work with.
Susan James
Susan J.
14:48 26 Sep 18
Very polite and great service.
Mary King
Mary K.
20:41 17 Jan 18
Very fast and polite service. Also, very reasonably priced. Thank you.
Michael Bush
Michael B.
14:15 18 Nov 17
Danny Nelson
Danny N.
03:53 18 Nov 17
armando marino
armando M.
05:38 28 Jun 17
Nolan Bottled Gas serves our community very dependably.... Coeymans Hollow Fire Department
Steve Mantor
Steve M.
16:51 19 Dec 16
Today 11/28 realize propane is down to 5-10% on tanksHave automatic deliveryCall NOLAN 8 AM- said ticket printed for delivery today- said would bump up auto delivery so would not be so low-said would bump me up for today's list for today's delivery.-get home from work 2:30 no propane-call again -told driver just re-filled would be there 1 - 1 1/2 hours -4PM no delivery -4:30 no delivery -call 3rd time -Mr. Draiss someone still delivering in your area - what about being told 1 - 1 1/2 hoursSo if you think my customer service encounters have improved.........NOT A CHANCE
Greg Draiss: Greg's Lawn and Garden Care
Greg Draiss: Greg's Lawn and Garden C.
21:55 28 Nov 16
Don't seem interested in helping. Each time I call, customer service is not helpful and aren't happy to help. They seem annoyed your calling. Website isn't helpful and payment online doesn't give information just what's due and bills in mail come really late and include no information. I wouldn't use them. Sure they have great service techs though.
Matthew Kerr
Matthew K.
21:52 05 Feb 16
The company has given me good service. They delivered when I asked with no issues. The drivers and office staff are friendly. A good company for me.
Matthew Whalen
Matthew W.
16:58 20 Feb 15
Nolan is always highly responsive and knowledgable when I have them service my mother's furnace or hot water. I find their rates to be competitive and their services have always been professional. I honestly have no idea why they have 1 star reviews on here, but I guess you can't make everyone happy. Thanks Nolan!
14:47 31 Jan 15